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Expert Team

Scientific innovation team of MCC is founded in 2012. It is specially established to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation in the field of construction.At present, the team has10 members: 4 doctors, 2 masters, 4 undergraduates, 2 senior Engineers, 7 expert engineers.Our team has conducted many scientific research topics for Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission since its establishment. Including"The welding technical specification for application of stirrups"(DBJ50-201-2014), “Research and development of grid welding","Construction engineering industry automation construction technology","Research and application of key technologies in design and construction of a new type of rotary digging pile","Research and development of technology of anchor bar","Research and development of safety protection equipment of climbing tower crane", and so on. All this has achieved second prize of Science and Technology Award for scientific and technological innovation in construction, Chongqing city construction innovation award, and so on.

Our scientific innovation team has not only paid attention to the accumulation of indoor scientific research theory, but also has combined theory withpractice, so as to promote the scientific research methods.In order to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, MCC has established a high-tech research and development branch and try to get more achievements in scientific research field and bring up more new emergent industries,thus, bringing up more pillar industries for MCC.