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Technological Innovation


Welding technology of stirrups is finished by MCC on the basis of key task projectsof scientific and technological research of Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (NO:cstc2012gg-yyjs30011). After appraised by experts, we have confirmed that its key technical level is high.

At present, we have 40 authorized patents for this technology, among them, there are 6 patents of invention and 34 patents for utility models. The key technological achievements have achieved second prize of Chongqing construction innovation award in 2013.On August 28, 2014, the technological achievements has became a local standard of Chongqing as " Technical Order for Welded Stirrup"(NO.DBJ50-201-2014), and it was put into effect on December 1, 2014,thus, giving a standard basis for the design, processing, distribution, and construction of welded stirrup.

At present, the cumulative applied area of welded stirrup technology have reached 800,000 m² in the project of MCC • City States International,the project of Longxing Industrial Park and the Konggang Jiayuan Public Rental Housing Project of Chongqing.This technology has been highly praised by all parties of the construction, and now we have Achieved a mature method of fabrication and installation for welded stirrup and it has successfully got the title of National Construction Method (GJJGF078-2014) in December 2015.

Advantages of Welding Technology for Stirrups

一.1. Material Saving

Welded stirrup will save bending hook anchorage and stirrup repetition,and each stirrup mesh could save more than 20% steel products than traditional composite stirrups,thus,it is good for the national policy of energy-saving and emission-reduction;




二.Site installation is convenient, fast and labor force saving,and it can promote more than 25% work efficiency than the traditional stirrups.



Welded stirrup installation with low labor intensity,high precision, brief forming effect, so as to undertake concrete pouring vibration.It is highly praised by workers.

三、Excellent mechanical properties: The endpoint forms a closed loop, so the constraint performance of concrete can be better. We have replaced the butt hook so as to prevent the failure of the decoupling anchorage and save bending hook anchorage. Outer crossing points have all been welded so as to save repeat segment. All the crossing has been welded to perform better.

1、Numerical Simulation

According to the numerical simulation, welding reinforcement component can be more uniform and reasonable than the traditional stirrup component to bear load .


2、Mechanical Test

We have authorized civil engineering college of Chongqing University to undertake axial compression test and low cycle reciprocating test for the Concrete short column, the result shows that axis of component can bear 20% load than normative calculation value, so it means its bearing capacity meets the requirements of the specification.
The result of low cycle reciprocating test shows that: when the bearing capacity reduce to 85%, the corresponding displacement angle would be far more than 1/50, and this means a good displacement ductility of component.