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"Anchor bar technology" is a new mechanical anchoring method which is used in the concrete construction, andthe end of steel bar has been enlarged.As a kind of mechanical anchoring method, it can save material and anchoring stiffness,besides it has excellent performance,so it is convenient for installation and construction.


Advantages of Anchor Bar

1.Material Saving

Anchor bar technology could save traditional bending hook anchorage and can reduce more than 40% of the length of reinforcing steel bar,besides it could save more than 60% steel products, so it is good for national energy saving and emission reduction policy.


2.The Anchorage rigidity is big, and the anchorage performance is good,which makes the installation construction simple.



The anchor upsetting technology has significantly reduced the node position in the beam, so as to reduce column steel intensive degree and strength of steel bar installation, thus to improve the pouring quality of concrete.

3The anchoring strength is high, and the mechanical property is excellent.

College of civil engineering of Chongqing University has conducted a check experiment and the result shows that upsetting anchor reinforcement is better than traditional bending hook anchorage reinforcement.