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Technological Innovation


Integrated stirrups machining center is researched and developed for welding stirrup closely, it is a intelligent equipmentcombined the technology of straightening, disgusting, bending, and welding. This equipment is featured by accurate shear size, regulated shape, fast processing speed,reliable welding quality and high level of automation. 

Integrated machining center is consisted of three modules as rust cleaning,bending manufacture,and welding.Rust cleaning area uses straightening wheel to straighten and the wire brush to eliminate rust, so as to meet the welding needs of small effect and fineness.The module of bending manufacture uses the technology of bi-axial bending,so as to finish brake forming with only 2 steps. The welding module coordinates with the module of bending closely, and the welding module uses resistance welding to undertake a closed welding of the outer hoop.In this way , it only takes 8 seconds for integrated machining center to finish seal off process.

Scope of Application:

This equipment is suitable for all kinds of rectangular stirrups with the length no more than 2000mm and the width no more than 1000mm, the stirrup diameter is 6-12mm and the steel grades are HPB300 or HRB400.