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Tian Guixiang Visits the Leaders of Wuhan Municipal Government and Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Wuhan Port and Shipping Development Group
Created time:2020-05-18

On May 15th, Tian Guixiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the company, went to Wuhan, Hubei and paid a visit to Liu Ziqing, deputy mayor of the Hubei Municipal Government. The two sides held talks on steadily promoting the resumption of construction projects, continuously deepening cooperation, and reached a number of consensus.

Tian Guixiang paid tribute to the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government and the entire public who fought bravely against the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic. He said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have led the people of Wuhan to fight against the epidemic, and made tremendous sacrifices and contributions to win the people’s war, overall war, and resistance war of epidemic prevention and control. Many heroes and advanced deeds have emerged from all walks of life, which is extremely touching and moving. As a state-owned enterprise, China Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd.(CMCC) is fully committed to supporting Wuhan's epidemic prevention and control and resuming production, which is both an incumbent responsibility and an unshirkable mission. The company attaches great importance to the Wuhan market, and immediately responded and acted after pressing the "restart button" in Wuhan, organized the project in Wuhan to speed up the progress and resume production, and strived to recover the delayed time of the epidemic and catch up the progress of the project. Up to now, the company's five projects under construction in Wuhan have been fully resumed, 115 management staff and 188 operators have all been in place, and the work of resuming production is progressing steadily, orderly and quickly. This visit is a solemn statement on behalf of the company. CMCC is fully confident of the future development of Wuhan. It will continue to participate in the social and economic construction of Wuhan and the development of the people's livelihood, and give further play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, shouldering the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, fighting against the epidemic and resume production to contribute to the revival of Wuhan after the epidemic.

Liu Ziqing welcomed the arrival of Tian Guixiang and his delegation, and thanked CMCC for its selfless assistance to Wuhan in the early stage of the outbreak, and affirmed the efforts and achievements of CMCC in the work of resuming production. He pointed out that Chairman Tian Guixiang came to Wuhan on behalf of the enterprise during the important period of epidemic prevention and control, showing the strong desire of CMCC to build Wuhan and its responsibility to overcome the difficulties. Under the premise of the current normalized epidemic prevention and control, Wuhan is accelerating the resumption of production, and various social and economic undertakings have been steadily and orderly restored. The impact of the epidemic on Wuhan is huge, but the development trend of Wuhan is still continuing to improve. He hopes that CMCC will spare no effort to carry out epidemic prevention and control, to complete the projects at hand efficiently with high quality, to promote the two sides to explore more areas of cooperation on the basis of existing cooperation, and further realize the common development of city and enterprise .

On the afternoon, Tian Guixiang met with Tu Shanfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wuhan Port and Shipping Development Group. The two sides held talks on promoting the implementation of relevant projects and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.