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Fire safety drill activities carried out in Technical Renovation Project of HBIS Serbia of Overseas business department
Created time:2020-05-20

In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of employees, improve self prevention and self rescue ability, reduce fire hazards, and ensure the safety and stability of the project, technical renovation project of HBIS Serbia organized and carried out fire safety drill activities in the afternoon of May 16th, with the participation of all personnel and labor representatives of the project department.

In the afternoon of that day, the project first held a mobilization meeting for the fire drill. At the meeting, Li Yanyi, the project manager, put forward requirements for the fire drill. He hoped that all the staff would attach great importance to it, obey the command and actively cooperate to ensure the smooth development of the fire drill. Subsequently, the safety director of the project Department explained the use methods and precautions of the conventional fire equipment in detail. Finally, the on-site personnel take turns to carry out practical operation. At the scene, the drillers bent low, covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, evacuated and escaped from the stairway safety passage in time and orderly, and reached the emergency assembly point quickly and effectively, and demonstrated the first aid to the "wounded".

The purpose of fire drill is to prevent accidents in advance. Through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation drill, everyone's safety awareness is improved, and a safe and harmonious working environment is created for the majority of employees.