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Symposium on Algeria Held by the Company
Created time:2020-08-06

  On the afternoon of June 30, the company held a symposium on Algeria in conference room 301 of MCC building. Jiang Baoren, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, Zhou Liangyou, Director and Chairman of the Trade Union, Deputy General Managers Wu Xiangdong and Ma Yuchun, relevant persons in charge of the Planning & Finance Department, Engineering Department and Contract & Budget Control Department, members of the Overseas Business Unit in Chongqing, main heads of Algerian regions and project managers attended the meeting.

  On the meeting, the Overseas Business Unit reported issues on Algeria project contract, project management, capital cost and regional key work, etc. The participating departments put forward targeted suggestions according to the contents of the report, and leaders at the meeting made specific arrangements for relevant work in Algeria.

  On behalf of the company, Jiang Baoren firstly sent his hearty greetings to employees working in Algeria and affirmed their hard work. In view of epidemic prevention and work regarding staff stability, Jiang Baoren required Algerian regional leaders to fulfill their main responsibility, reserve sufficient materials and take care of the employees. The leaders and Party members should play a vanguard and exemplary role in maintaining stability. The domestic key personnel should give full play to the Party and trade union so as to strengthen humanistic care, and often pay visits to family members of employees who are working abroad and help them to worry less.